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Family Law Solicitors

Family matters can have a substantial impact on the quality of living for everyone involved; they can be an emotional and physically draining period of time, which we at Guillaumes LLP strive to relieve to ensure you and your family can continue living in a happy environment. If you're experiencing a divorce, view our divorce law services for more information. 


Our family law services cover a number of matters including divorce & separation, living together agreements, pre and postnuptial agreements, financial claims, and disputes involving children. If you believe you're in need of a professional family lawyer, contact us via your preferred method today.

At Guillaumes LLP we pride ourselves on offering access to expert family law solicitors,  who have a wealth of experience in leading successful family matters to ensure the best possible outcome. We understand that finding a divorce solicitor or family law solicitor is never an easy task as the breakdown of any relationship or conflicting family matter is always difficult and can be one of the most traumatic periods in someone’s life.

During this time, you may be at your most vulnerable. Our team of divorce and family law solicitors and lawyers, understand this and approach the issues and disputes arising from the relationship breakdown subjectively and sensitively. Our primary aim is to ensure that you understand your case so that it can be dealt with efficiently, reduce your stress and keep your costs down.

Our Family Law & Divorce Services:

We understand that family law can be a complicated process, and we want to take as much stress out of the process as possible, as it can be an emotional time for any individual. We offer a range of family law services which include:

•    Pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreements 
•    Cohabitation agreements 
•    Separation agreements 
•    Support for Divorce
•    Dissolution of a civil partnership
•    Arrangements for your children
•    Financial settlements on divorce and separation 
•    Property Disputes involving family & divorce

We endeavor to bring you the best possible service, which is why we also offer mediation for families or relationships that may be feeling particularly strained. Mediation is often used as a means of avoiding long and drawn out court cases, and unless there is a history of domestic violence or abuse, most divorce or family cases can be solved outside of the courtroom. 

The ending of a marriage can have an enormous impact on both of the parties concerned and the family, and if children are involved it is imperative that they are also taken care of. We can advise on the arrangements for your children to live with and spend time with both of their parents. We can also advise on taking children out of the country and other issues which may affect them such as choice of school.

Professional Divorce Solicitors at Guillaumes LLP

Carolynn Tan is an experienced family solicitor and as a partner is head of the divorce and family team at Guillaumes LLP. Carolynn is a trained Mediator and is also a member of the national family law group Resolution as well as being a member of the Law Society Family Law Panel.

Why Choose Guillaumes LLP?

If you are in the position of needing a divorce solicitor, or have any questions about family law services, then Guillaumes LLP are here for you. We will meet your needs in a careful and sensitive manner, whilst also ensuring your case is handled efficiently so that you can save both money and time at this incredibly stressful and emotional period.

We have decades of law experience offering legal advice on numerous aspects of law. Our family law solicitors and divorce lawyers combine traditional values with modern approaches to ensure the best outcome is achieved whilst understanding your needs and being mindful of the emotional and physical worries during a traumatic time. Our longevity has enabled us to build a solid reputation in Surrey and surrounding areas, as a reliable, trustworthy and credible law firm. 

If you need a divorce solicitor or family lawyer in Surrey, please get in touch with Guillaumes today by emailing, calling us to discuss your options, or by filling our contact form.