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Family Mediation Solicitors

We offer a family mediation service for those separated or divorcing couples who would like to discuss important issues, such as arrangements for their children and/or how to deal with finances, with their former partner or spouse in the presence of a mediator.

Separation/divorce can be an emotional and upsetting time for the family. Mediation is an opportunity to communicate with each other to resolve difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment, to resolve differences and to avoid court proceedings.

If you're looking for a civil partnership dissolution, please view this page.

Child Mediation

Parenting is a hard job when living together and parenting whilst separated or divorced is harder. Separation/divorce can take up a lot of emotional energy and it can be hard to focus on what children need at this time. All parents want to support and protect their children from separation and divorce to reduce the consequences. It is important to remain amicable for the sake of your children.

In mediation a separating or separated couple can focus on the needs of the children and what is important to both of you. This way issues can be resolved more quickly, control of the decision making is retained by both parents and costs kept to a minimum.

Financial Mediation

Dividing property after divorce and separation can involve difficult decisions and lead to conflict. Wondering where you will both end up living, and how you will manage financially can cause stress and worry, and can lead to a breakdown in communication.

The mediator helps you both to consider your finances and all available options to assist in you both reaching a solution that you both feel can work. The decisions are made by you both, consequently you are both more likely to feel the outcome is fair.

About our Mediator

The mediator is neutral and impartial and assists both of you in being able to communicate and to reach decisions that are workable. The mediator facilitates discussions, reality test options and provides information in a joint mediation session.

The mediator cannot give a mediating couple legal advice, and will always remain impartial and independent. The mediator encourages those attending mediation to seek independent legal advice where necessary.

Carolynn Tan is a Resolution trained all issues mediator. She is an experienced family law solicitor and a partner at Guillaumes LLP. She qualified in 1994 so has many years experience of relationship breakdown.


How to start the Mediation Process

Carolynn assesses each person for mediation first to establish whether mediation is the most appropriate way forward.  If it is suitable and you both wish to proceed, a joint mediation session will be arranged.

To find out more about our Mediation services, contact Guillaumes today. Alternatively, if you are looking to resolve your issues by way of Court or tribunals, our dispute solicitors will be happy to assist you in any way necessary.