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Commercial Property

Navigating the complex practice area of commercial property law can be a challenging task. Whether you’re terminating a commercial lease, taking out a new lease on business premises or are in need of professional guidance on restrictive covenants, our commercial property solicitors based in Surrey are experts in their field. As commercial property lawyers, we help landlords, tenants, and investors to obtain their desired outcome, so let us know how we can help by contacting us today.

The assistance of a pro-active and knowledgeable property law firm can strongly benefit a client. This is why the commercial property lawyers at Guillaumes LLP are committed to providing competitive and efficient legal assistance in all areas of commercial property law.

Our Commercial Property Solicitors

Our commercial property lawyers provide support in the following areas:

  • Commercial leases & subleases of business property with help of our commercial lease solicitors
  • Sales and purchases of all types of freehold and leasehold property including offices, shops, factories, warehouses and development land.
  • Alterations to and assignments of property leases & contracts
  • Consents relating to alterations to property assignments and subleases
  • Property management services
  • Advice in connection with the interpretation of leases and  covenants
  • Guarantor Obligations 
  • Commercial property litigation
  • Other property disputes
  • Solicitors for landlords
  • Solicitors for tenants

Support for Landlords & Investors

Managing a property in line with legal obligations requires professional support, especially when monitoring a portfolio of commercial properties. Regardless of the number of properties you manage, Guillaumes LLP commercial property solicitors are well versed in commercial property law and have a wealth of experience supporting landlords and investors across the UK.

Industrial, retail premises, warehouses, shops, factories, and even development land can carry a minefield of red tape due to the amount of legal documentation involved.  Whether it be lease renewal, termination, licensing, sub-letting or property assignments, all paperwork needs to be carried out perfectly to protect your valuable assets. You will need a qualified and experienced commercial property lawyer to do this. 

It is also important that you understand your responsibilities and liabilities when renting or assigning a property to another party. Failing to understand your obligations correctly can result in a mountain of costs and even legal action. To ensure you obtain the right advice, you need a proactive and reliable solicitor that will help minimise costs by remaining one step ahead. Guillaumes LLP can help you stay ahead of any changes in the law to manage your property effectively.  

Support for Tenants

Like the landlord, tenants carry a number of responsibilities. Tenants must understand the rules when accessing their property, including their financial obligations, how the property can be used, maintenance, insurance, as well as what happens at the end of a tenancy.

When you find yourself in a dispute, or simply need some advice before signing a contract, our commercial property lawyers can provide some much-needed support and expert perspective based on decades of experience. We assist businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large corporates looking for professional assistance and commercial property services.

Why Choose Guillaumes LLP Commercial Property Lawyers?

Guillaumes LLP are unique in that we combine traditional values from over 180 years of experience within our firm, with contemporary, data-driven approaches. This keeps us competitive and continuously achieving successes on behalf of our clients. 

Industry jargon and ‘legal talk’ can be daunting, but also a waste of your time. At Guillaumes LLP, we believe in a client-orientated approach, so we ensure your position is explained clearly and concisely to enhance your understanding and save you money. We pride ourselves on quoting for our services accurately and quickly wherever possible, to prevent any undisclosed legal costs for our clients. 

As well as our commercial property lawyers, Guillaumes also have the following experts:

Our commercial property solicitors will be happy to help, simply get in touch with us today. If you’re looking for some assistance in the Surrey area, London or South East selling your residential property, our conveyancing solicitors can help you navigate the process seamlessly. As well as our commercial property lawyers our property dispute lawyers, lawyers for landlords, solicitors for tenants and employment solicitors can help settle any disagreements that you may have involving a business or residential premises. Discuss your requirements with us today and book an appointment with us.