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Wills and Tax Planning

We are experts in advising clients on the preparation of a will, and the issues surrounding inheritance tax planning. We advise all clients to prepare a will and to review it regularly to take account of any changes in personal circumstances or fiscal changes.

Family assets, often linked to business interests, require proper and close protection. They can be used to provide security and income in retirement, eventually passing to the next generation with minimum delay and tax liability.

By making a will you can ensure that your estate passes to those who you wish to benefit, rather than the law applying your estate to a strict order of surviving relatives (known as dying intestate).

There are a variety of situations where a will is essential, for example in situations of divorce or remarriage, non-married partners and where there are young children. In cases where the party is incapable of managing their own affairs, we also offer a power of attorney lawyer service. 

We would be happy to discuss your situation and make recommendations as to the most appropriate method of structuring your will.

To find out how our wills and tax planning service can help you or to speak to our tax lawyers, please contact one of our team below. Alternatively, if you are looking to contest a Will, our personal dispute solicitors can help you fight your corner today.