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"Through much of 2020 and 2021, the holiday plans of many workers in the UK have been thrown into disarray as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Flight cancellations, short-notice isolation requirement..."

"Matters can quickly become complex when it comes to working out how financial assets should be split in the event of a divorce. Judges who are asked to make decisions on a lump sum payment to be paid ..."

" One of the most regretful and upsetting aspects of divorce is the separation of grandchildren from their grandparents. Grandparents can play a significant role in helping children maintain a s..."

"There is no getting around the fact that telling your spouse that you want a divorce is a sensitive matter that needs careful consideration of your unique circumstances. When you begin to think ‘I wan..."

"Discussing Divorce and Cost Considerations. Being told by your husband or wife that they want a divorce can be deeply distressing, especially if the announcement came ‘out of the blue’. Understand..."

"If you are currently trying to start divorce proceedings in the UK (England or Wales specifically), you will need to request a Conditional Order. When it comes time to apply for a Conditional Order (o..."

"If you’re concerned that your husband or wife is having an affair, you may be overwhelmed by a mix of emotions. In this situation, it is completely natural to have strong feelings of anger, betrayal, ..."

"The breakdown of a relationship can often lead to complex legal disputes, particularly when it comes to issues related to the family home. Occupation Orders are a powerful legal tool designed to prote..."

"Family Court ex parte injunctions play a crucial role in protecting people, particularly in cases involving domestic violence or disputes concerning child arrangements. They are designed to offer swif..."

Displaying results 1-9 of 185