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"Owning a business puts multitasking to its limit and so when a dispute arises it can often make your head running for the sand. The better and more effective option, however, is to seek to understand ..."

"In recent years, the media has published numerous newspaper and magazine articles that focus on contentious and less than amicable splits that lead to bitter divorces played out in the solicitor’s off..."

"It seems that rules and regulations are continually being updated in the area of employment law. Therefore, it is vital that both employers and employees are well aware of this as early as possible to..."

"When it comes to creating new business relationships, many may focus on the excitement and all-consuming nature of the pitch, the presentations, the follow-up calls and further meetings. Often, the jo..."

"January is always the time when businesses and accountants alike are at their busiest. With the deadline for submitting online self-assessment tax returns to the HMRC only a week away, there seems to ..."

"As the government has sought for an answer on how it can enable more people to become first time buyers and get onto the property ladder, the first ISA of its kind was announced early this year and fo..."

"Self-Assessment Tax Return 2016: The Need-To-Knows It’s that time of year again.... It seems to come round quicker each and every year, but once those last few pressing emails have been replied ..."

"In recent years, the prevalence of divorce and the fascination surrounding high-profile cases have been at the centre of various news reports and court hearings. The Office for National Statistics ..."

Displaying results 138-145 of 159