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"Throughout 2021, the main focus of governments and health institutions has been to vaccinate the most vulnerable against the COVID-19 virus, with a gradual filtering down of vaccines to those less at ..."

"If you are planning to attend a public display or create your own firework extravaganza, it is always important to keep safe and adhere to the law.  In this article, we will discuss the regulations on..."

"It may come as a surprise to you to know there is still no concept of ‘no-fault divorce’ in the law of England and Wales.  This means that one person is effectively blamed for being at ‘fault’ in divo..."

"We tend to hear the term ‘next of kin’ when nominating a close family member in a hospital or other setting, but many people are unsure exactly what it really means and how it applies in different sit..."

"It is estimated there are over 14 million grandparents in the UK, an ever-increasing proportion of whom now play a core role in the raising of their grandchildren.  In the region of two-thirds of gran..."

"It is not uncommon for a house owner who is considering selling their property asset to worry if they cannot find the title deeds and that this may prevent them from putting their place on the market...."

"After years of working to build up a company from its roots and pouring your heart and soul into the venture, having to close a business can be extremely difficult.  For others, closing a company may ..."

"Breaches of commercial contracts can be potentially devastating to businesses regardless of scale, whether financially, reputationally, or both. In a recent and yet to be resolved case, the European U..."

Displaying results 10-17 of 152