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"Since 1996, the number of families across the UK has risen by 15%, from 16.6m to 19m, and of those, the co-habiting couple family (one in which the couple are not married or in a civil partnership) is..."

"When a client comes to us for advice and representation on divorce matters, usually their top concerns are (a) what happens to the children and (b) how will our property and finances be split?  In mos..."

"In turbulent economic times, people are motivated to seek security.  Creating a Trust provides a vehicle for protecting your wealth.  They can also assist with inheritance tax planning and help ensure..."

"In early December 2018, the BBC aired the one-off drama Care, based on the real-life experience of co-writer, Gillian Juckes.  Alison Steadman played Mary, a lively and involved grandmother to her dau..."

"Imagine being asked one day by a friend or loved one to act as Executor of their estate when they die.   "

"In October 2018, The Times reported that families in west London pay more in inheritance than anywhere else in the British Isles, with the amount now averaging an eye-watering £390,000.  Given the roc..."

"Despite the risks of dying without a Will (referred to as dying intestate), 60% of the population are still not putting their affairs in order before it’s too late to do so.  Wills are not just for th..."

"One of the biggest fears of the financially weaker party in a high-net-worth divorce case is that their spouse has not made a truthful disclosure regarding their financial situation and is hiding mone..."

Displaying results 34-41 of 114