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"Stop. Put that pen down. Have you even read that contract you are about to sign? You might be surprised to learn employment contracts do not have to be written down. (Are you reminded of the great fi..."

"The public profile of the UK’s Supreme Court has been unusually high of late. Most notably, perhaps, the Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling captured headlines on January 24 this year. The gover..."

"Of course, we all love meeting solicitors (don’t we?!) but none of us actually want to be involved in legal disputes. As a landlord, for example, an unexpected problem can rapidly turn a friend..."

"Buying a house can be exciting and complex. And frightening. And invigorating. And stressful. And life-changing. And… The list goes on. "

"At some point in your life, you may well find yourself in a courtroom. You will, of course, be innocent of any crime, perhaps being a member of the jury (a juror). But why is everybody else there? Wha..."

"“We’ve been living together for years. We’re practically married.” Practically, perhaps, but not legally. If you are a so-called ‘common law spouse’, living (or &l..."

"If you are ever asked: “When is a good time to make a will?”, replying: “Before it’s too late” would be a strong answer. The same principle applies to a lasting power of ..."

"A physical shove in the corridor. An e-mail containing a malicious lie about you. Constant sarcastic comments undermining you and your good work in front of your colleagues or clients. Repeatedly d..."

Displaying results 34-41 of 81