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"Taking in a lodger may offer a useful and simple way in which to boost your income, but before you decide to proceed, it is imperative to do your homework.  In this article, we will take a look at the..."

"If you are renting out a buy to let for the first time, be prepared for a slew of horror stories from well-meaning friends.  Those that have been landlords for many years have learned through (often b..."

"As a prospective residential property purchaser, you may be more than a little curious about the differences between freehold vs leasehold.  These two modes of ownership are entirely different, and an..."

"Regardless of which side of the Brexit debate you sit on, there is no doubt that uncertainty is not the friend of property investors.  As events play out over the next few weeks and months, it is impo..."

"For any landlord, non-payment of rent by a tenant can lead to considerable worry and also confusion as to your rights and options for resolution.  And with the backdrop of the recent Tenancy Fees Act ..."

"Once again, businesses are facing uncertainty over Brexit. With the current government seemingly determined to leave the European Union on the 31st October “by any means necessary”, regardless of how ..."

"One of the most stressful and challenging aspects of being a responsible residential landlord is the eviction of a tenant.  "

"For tenants across England, the new Tenancy Fees 2019 has been greeted with great relief as it puts in place restrictions (and in some cases outright bans) on the amounts landlords or their agents can..."

Displaying results 34-41 of 135