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"One of the most stressful and challenging aspects of being a responsible residential landlord is the eviction of a tenant.  "

"For tenants across England, the new Tenancy Fees 2019 has been greeted with great relief as it puts in place restrictions (and in some cases outright bans) on the amounts landlords or their agents can..."

"Finding the perfect flat/house is hard work. Queuing up for viewings, filling in endless estate agency forms – these activities are about as much fun as having a root canal.  So if an opportunity for ..."

"Remember the glorious 1990s and 00s before the 2008 financial crisis.? A dormouse could apply for a loan or a mortgage and they would be accepted. People would be receiving letters from the bank every..."

"In October 2018, Robert and Jennifer Oldfield discovered how costly a historic boundary dispute can be. After trimming back a blackthorn and hazel hedge owned by their neighbour Clare Pollock, they we..."

"Finding the perfect location for your business, then making the necessary adjustments to ensure the space fits your commercial requirements takes considerable time and effort.  So once you have the ri..."

"Whether you are considering leasing a business property for the first time, or you need to move into new premises, the task is not one to be taken lightly.  While it is tempting to take the easiest pa..."

"If you own property or land subject to a restrictive covenant or are considering making a purchase with this type of constraint, it is important to understand your obligations, rights, and options.  H..."

Displaying results 34-41 of 124