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"If you have a lease on a residential property in the UK, you are in excellent company. As of 2023, there are in the region of 4 million leasehold flats in England and Wales under leasehold. If the amo..."

"We are frequently contacted by individuals who have been named as an executor in a Will and are unsure of what is expected as an executor of a will. "

"Preparing a Will is the single best way to ensure that your estate is handled according to your wishes when you die.  "

"According to the latest litigation funding news, litigation financier Manolete Partners plc recently announced that it is facing losses of up to £5m following an unexpected defeat in a High Court case..."

"Setting up a new business venture in the UK can be extremely exciting and unnerving in equal measure. Not only will you have a range of practical issues to consider, such as where to base your busines..."

"Employees do not normally have an automatic legal right to carry over annual leave from one year to the next. According to research by Glassdoor, around 40% of UK employees only take half or less of t..."

"If your children are of an age where they have the emotional maturity to make decisions regarding their family situation, you may be considering involving them in the mediation process.   ..."

Displaying results 18-25 of 185