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"Obtaining commercial planning permission can be a complex and lengthy undertaking, requiring in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and policies.  The planning permission for commercial property ha..."

"The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), introduced by the Housing Act 1988 (HA 1988), is now the most common form of agreement between residential tenants and landlords and provides much needed legal pro..."

"One of the most common questions we are asked relates to the legal obligations of landlords to undertake repairs to their property.  As with many areas of law, the answer depends on a range of factors..."

"The length of time to extend a lease depends on a range of factors (as outlined in this article) but can take anywhere between three months and a year. As a leaseholder, it is recommended you allow pl..."

"Stealing by employees of any scale or nature can be deeply concerning for employers.  Unfortunately, theft by employees is about far more than pilfering a small quantity of stationery.  It is estimate..."

"For any employee, being asked to sign a Settlement Agreement may lead to confusion, feelings of intimidation, and worry.  In part, this is because while the employer will understand the precise legal ..."

"As we enter the third decade of the 2000s, it is no exaggeration to say that the internet is omnipresent.  Whether on our wrist in the form of a smartwatch, mobile phone, tablet, in our car, or domest..."

"As of November 2019, the average asking price for a residential property in the UK is £302,808, according to Rightmove’s house price index.  While this is down from £306,712 in October, it still repre..."

Displaying results 18-25 of 124