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"In the recent case of Rodgers v Leeds Laser Cutting Ltd, one of the first relating to COVID-19 to reach the employment tribunal (ET), the tribunal was asked to consider whether it was ‘automatically’ ..."

"We are often contacted by Beneficiaries following the death of a loved one who would like to change the terms of the Will in which they are named.  It is not possible to change a Will after the death ..."

"According to recent research by IRN Research entitled, ‘UK Wills & Probate Market 2020: Consumer Research Report, COVID-19 has not been a huge catalyst for people drafting Wills.  Only 4% of those sur..."

"All Chancellors have to make tough decisions when preparing their budget, but it is fair to say that Rishi Sunak has had to make more than most.  In delivering his March 2021 budget, he has had to exp..."

"The impact of neighbour disputes should not be underestimated.  If not nipped in the bud early, arguments with neighbours can balloon out of control, leading to considerable stress and anxiety, damage..."

"Now that Christmas is behind us, sadly, some people will be thinking of getting divorced in the New Year.  The pressure of living through a global pandemic and the financial hardship and job losses th..."

"As England comes out of Coronavirus lockdown number two, business owners who sell non-essential items have been allowed to open for the first time in a month.  However, there are rumours that the five..."

"It may be hard to believe, but every year around £150 million is lost by people cheating the dead via probate fraud.  This figure is provided by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), w..."

Displaying results 18-25 of 152