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"In October 2018, The Times reported that families in west London pay more in inheritance than anywhere else in the British Isles, with the amount now averaging an eye-watering £390,000.  Given the roc..."

"Despite the risks of dying without a Will (referred to as dying intestate), 60% of the population are still not putting their affairs in order before it’s too late to do so.  Wills are not just for th..."

"One of the biggest fears of the financially weaker party in a high-net-worth divorce case is that their spouse has not made a truthful disclosure regarding their financial situation and is hiding mone..."

"Following the highly publicised case of Owens v Owen, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Tini Owens was unable to divorce her husband until she had been separated for five years, the Government has..."

"Divorce is one of the most stressful life events anyone can experience; second only to the death of a spouse.  Few people are prepared for the emotional and financial upheaval separating from their sp..."

"The Supreme Court has ruled on the case of Owens v Owens [2018] UKSC 41, [2018] All ER (D) 144 (Jul) that a miserable marriage is not grounds for divorce.     "

"As a business owner who has worked hard to deliver a product or service, and to honour their side of an agreement, there are few occurrences more frustrating, and potentially financially damaging than..."

"For anyone about to step onto the property ladder for the first time, the process of purchasing a home can seem rather daunting.  Thankfully, conveyancing solicitors specialise in this area of law and..."

Displaying results 18-25 of 93