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"Let’s be honest, many of us take our impressions of life from television and films we watch or novels we read. But we know those fictional worlds are just that – fictional. Apart from lega..."

"When a marriage sadly fails, divorce is commonly the result. The marriage is dissolved following a petition for divorce and the granting of a decree absolute, the final legal order officially ending t..."

"If you have ever bought a residential property (or indeed enjoyed or endured commercial television or radio), you will surely be familiar with the phrase: “Your home is at risk if you do not kee..."

"The sad news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September this year made headlines globally. Jolie reportedly cited “irreconcilable differences”, with one of her attorneys, Ro..."

"Making a will can be stressful and emotionally difficult but, when you care about the long-term future of your loved ones, making a will is essential. You have worked hard your entire life. Do you rea..."

"Have your suppliers let you down with unacceptable products or services? Are they rejecting your calls for a refund? Is a client unjustifiably refusing to pay your bills? Of course, you will probably ..."

"We often hear the advice that you must make a will…and rightly so. Making a will is vital to ensuring the long-term future of your loved ones. Too often, however, people’s wills are actua..."

"Few people need to talk to solicitors every day. We should perhaps be grateful for that fact. Don’t get me wrong – solicitors are all, of course, wonderful, witty, kind and charming people..."

Displaying results 42-49 of 81