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"In recent years, the prevalence of divorce and the fascination surrounding high-profile cases have been at the centre of various news reports and court hearings. The Office for National Statistics (O..."

"You may have been running a business for a while now and have just about got to grips with the various laws relating to insurances and taxes for yourself, but are now about to enter a whole new legal ..."

"In one of our previous blog posts we talked about how to resolve business disputes the painless way. We chatted a bit about how to handle difficult situations and the best way to resolve business disp..."

"There are many answers to the questions ‘why do I need a solicitor’, and the answer can change depending on the circumstances. To be clear, in this instance we are talking about a ver..."

"This might sound like strange advice, but challenging your boss might actually be good for your career, and your work environment. Some of the most common workplace disagreements are born from poor co..."

"Whether you are buying or selling your home, moving is one of the most stressful periods you can go through in life. So while you’re trying to figure out what goes in which box and what need to ..."

"Divorce is not an easy subject for anyone to talk about. Even if it is a perfectly amicable separation, there is still always the heartache of a family becoming divided. But, much like marriage, divor..."

"Being a landlord can be a difficult journey, and sometimes it's difficult to know where to turn. If you're thinking of starting out on the path to becoming a landlord, there are some things yo..."

Displaying results 66-73 of 81