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"Making a will can be stressful and emotionally difficult but, when you care about the long-term future of your loved ones, making a will is essential. You have worked hard your entire life. Do you rea..."

"Have your suppliers let you down with unacceptable products or services? Are they rejecting your calls for a refund? Is a client unjustifiably refusing to pay your bills? Of course, you will probably ..."

"We often hear the advice that you must make a will…and rightly so. Making a will is vital to ensuring the long-term future of your loved ones. Too often, however, people’s wills are actually unsuitabl..."

"Few people need to talk to solicitors every day. We should perhaps be grateful for that fact. Don’t get me wrong – solicitors are all, of course, wonderful, witty, kind and charming people. But sadly,..."

"No one would claim the UK’s Brexit referendum vote, to leave the European Union (EU), created immediate political and economic stability across the country. We’ve watched weeks of high-profile politic..."

"For many people, being a landlord is undoubtedly a very rewarding experience, not least financially. Inevitably, however, problems can emerge and, when they do, previously straightforward and friendly..."

"It’s understandably not a topic that many of us want to discuss, but it’s important for our loved ones, that we make our wishes known and legally unenforceable. Not only does it saves a lot of time, m..."

"A trustee is a person or a corporation that has been selected to manage a property that is held in trust. A trust is created when one person (the trustee) holds a property for the benefit of another t..."

Displaying results 122-129 of 156