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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Sadly, not all relationships continue indefinitely, but the process for dissolving a legal partnership does not have to be stressful.  Guillaumes’ team of experienced, sensitive and friendly solicitors are best placed to offer the right guidance and support during what can otherwise be a complex process.

Ending a civil partnership is a significant life decision, particularly when children are involved in the relationship.  We recognise that the best approach is to first listen to your individual situation and co-design a plan of action that suits your needs, including advising on all necessary documentation.  With Guillaumes as your civil partnership solicitors, we offer peace of mind that the whole process will be as stress-free and painless as possible. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances.


What is a civil partnership?

By legal definition, a civil partnership is a legal union of two persons - first introduced to the UK in 2004 for same-sex couples to benefit from the same rights and responsibilities as marriage already provided to heterosexual couples.  In late 2018, the British government extended the offer of civil partnerships as an option for any relationship and the awareness of associated legal nuances is naturally increasing.


Legal Considerations for ending a civil partnership

Guillaumes LLP encourages anyone currently considering or actively intending to dissolve their civil partnership to contact us for bespoke advice; however, there are some key points to consider about your situation, notably the areas in which the civil partnership dissolution process differs from a marital divorce.

An application for a civil partnership dissolution cannot be made until at least one year after the initial union.  If your partnership was made less than a year ago, you can still pursue a separation order or an annulment if your civil partnership was not legal.  Please be aware that ending a civil partnership by any of these methods may affect your right to stay in the UK if you are not a British citizen. We also provide objective separation guidance for our clients.

The only grounds by which a court will dissolve a civil partnership is an irretrievable breakdown between the two persons concerned.  This is no different from the laws of marriage.  Furthermore, adultery cannot in itself be relied upon as a justification for dissolution - however, our team of solicitors will work to understand your situation and advise you legally if the decision to dissolve the civil partnership is not mutual between the partners.


Why choose Guillaumes to be by your side?

We pride ourselves on traditional values and a personable, human approach to the way our solicitors work with clients.  Each client deserves a bespoke service and to fully understand the legal process.  As such, we communicate in plain English rather than legal jargon and we always strive to provide accurate estimates of legal fees upfront so we are transparent with our clients.

Guillaumes is the merger of two prominent legal practices with almost two centuries’ worth of experience.  In matters such as civil partnership dissolution, this is a huge asset and knowledge resource for our team of solicitors because there are many legal aspects that need to be considered:

Guillaumes is not only aware of these aspects, but we have vast experience in each and will offer support in any area that your individual life situation requires.  For more information about how we can help with your civil partnership dissolution, get in touch with us today: